Dewatering Shakers  Dewatering Shakers

  • Efficiently dewaters processed fresh-cut lettuce or other leafy produce
  • Durable single deck screen design with perforated pan sized for effective gross dewatering
  • Custom designed discharge transition contoured to guide product into spin dryer basket
  • Durable “XB-Drive” natural frequency excited base design for smooth operation and long life
  • Flexible mounting configurations available
  • Multi-deck configurations for combination dewater/sizing applications available
  • Optional Iso-Rod filter screen sized to maintain water flow and filter small
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Common Product Applications
  • Lettuce
  • Spring Mix
  • Cabbage


  • “XB-Drive” natural frequency drive with Composite Spring shaker arms
  • Stainless steel sloped infeed dead pan area, rigidized construction
  • 3/32” stainless steel perforated dewatering top screen, other options available
  • Isolated mounting brackets, roof mount or sub frame mount configurations
  • Stainless steel sloped water collection pan to transfer water into pump tank

    Standard sizes:
    • 24” x 48” dewatering area, 300 GPM, application specific
    • 36” x 60” dewatering area, 600 GPM, application specific
    • 48” x 90” dewatering area, 800 GPM, application specific

  • Stainless steel Iso-Rod filter screen designed to remove small particles
  • Pump tank with foam/water overflow with 3” pump suction fittings


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