Fresh Cut Robotics Integration

Heinzen Manufacturing has partnered with SoftRobotics and Yaskawa Motoman to bring robotics into the fresh cut industry.  Together we will integrate new technologies into processing lines to create a new sanitary and cost effective alternative into your facility.

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Heinzen Manufacturing is partnering up with Soft Robotics Inc. to bring robotics and soft grippers into the fresh cut world. 

The new Work Cell Technology be able to automate several product handling techniques traditionally performed by manual labor including sorting, placing, and orienting produce. 

Soft Robotic's new soft actuators help facilitate the integration of robots into the fresh cut industry.  These grippers come in various sizes, shapes, and weights to accomodate any product needed.  Visit their website to learn more about this inovative technology.


We will be working with Yaskawa Motoman to bring their years of experience in the world of robotics and automation to the fresh cut industry. 

The 7-axis robot being shown at the United Fresh show are easy to use and can be programed for any application. 


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