Single Bin Dumper  Single Bin Dumper

  • Fully self-contained unit with NEMA 4x controls
  • Sloped forklift entry deck for easy access
  • All stainless steel 3" tube frame with slip tube leveling pads
  • 150 degrees of rotation ensures complete product dump
  • (2) 3" x 30" hydraulic cylinders
  • 1 15/16" stainless steel pivot bearing housing with bronze bushing
  • Stainless steel hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Stainless steel pinch point guard system
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Common Product Applications
  •  Empty bins to product line

  • Single 48" x 48" bin capacity (custom sized for each application)
  • 2000 lb lift capacity
  • 5 hp motor with fixed displacement pump
  • 7 gallons per minute hydraulic flow
  • Self-contained hydraulic power unit with stainless steel reservoir
  • NEMA 4x stainless steel motor control center
  • Bin Dumper without controls and hydraulic power unit
  • Plant-powered Bin Dumper with solenoid manifold and control station
  • Plant-powered with manual hand control
  • Mild steel hydraulic-powered unit
  • Photo cell safety sensor


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