Support Structures

2232 Sanitary Platforms
Integrating worker safety and ergonomics with robust hygienic design, providing ease of access for Production, Sanitation and Maintenance.


  • Heinzen Channelized™, fully welded, stainless construction provides line-of-sight access for inspecting, testing and cleaning.
  • Sloped, self-draining surfaces wherever possible.
  • Minimal use of bolts and other loose hardware. Utilization of spacers and tabs reduce lamination.
  • Formed 45° corners provide large radii for ease of cleaning and sanitation.
  • Large, wash-through passages throughout eliminate blind pockets on inside corners, allowing ease of flushing and drainage.
  • Downspouts, where required, provide controlled passage of fluids to the floor drains and are dis-connected from the deck by an air gap to eliminate migration of potential contamination.
  • Design combines all applicable codes for worker safety and are zone defined, hygienic, food-safe construction.


  • Standing surface options include diamond plate and other non-slip treatments.
  • Handrails, stairs and ladders all incorporate necessary and required features by code and area zone definition.
  • Large floor connections utilize elevated, slope-sided grout support and stainless hardware in epoxy embedment.
  • Small floor connections utilize Patented Heinzen thread-less, Sanitary Adjustable Food Pads

Product Applications
Scale Decks   |   Catwalks   |   Raised Production Lines   |   Sanitation Access