Sanitary Design

Sanitary Threadless Leg Adjuster

Heinzen’s Patented Sanitary Thread-less Leg Adjuster. The most hygienic adjustable footpad available on the market today!


  • Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning/Sanitation
  • Available on most Heinzen equipment

Accessibility Instructions

Tools Required

  • Jack
  • 9/16” Wrench
  • Food Grade Anti-Seize


  • Only remove one footpad at a time.
  • Using a jack, support the equipment so that the foot pad can be effectively removed.
  • Using a 9/16” wrench, loosen and re-move the 4 bolts on the back of the leg.
  • The U-Bolts, Saddles and complete foot pad can be removed to be cleaned out of place.
  • With the footpad removed, clean the contact floor underneath.
  • When reassembling, apply Food Grade Anti-Seize on the U-Bolt Thread.