2240 Mp300 Peeler
The latest, most advanced melon and vegetable peeling machine available from Heinzen, the MP300 Peeler! Patent Pending, COMPARE today!


  • Increases product yield by up to 20% compared to hand peeling
  • 30”X48” footprint allows more than one machine per operator
  • Peels up to 8 units per minute
  • Meets demand for high-volume production
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Interchangeable peeling blades allow maximum cutting and slicing options for a variety of fruit and skin thickness
  • Fully wash-down accessible without tools
  • 158° of access for ease of loading
  • Foot controls for engagement of fruit


Factory Requirements:

  • Electrical: 220V or 480V 3ph or single phase
  • Compressed Air: 100PSI, 5CFM

Fruit Specifications:

  • Product Height Range: 13.5” max, 5” min
  • Product Diameter Range: 12” max, 4” min
  • Product Pulp Turgidity: 6lbs. min

Product Applications
Cantaloupe  |  Honeydew  |  Watermelon  |  Pineapple  |  Butternut Squash

2242 Ac100 Automatic Cuber
Work Less… With the Best… Heinzen’s Fully Automated Fresh Fruit Cuber!


1st Stage Cut Options

1. Radial wedge cut, blade carrier
2. 1”x1” cube cut grid, blade carrier
3. Optional: 3/4” x 3/4” cube cut

2nd Stage Cut Options

1. 1” vertical blade finished cube cut
2. Removable blade, radial wedge pass through for full wedge spears
3. 3/4” vertical blade, finished cube cut

  • Consistent cut sizes
  • Standard cut is 1” cube or wedge spear type strip cut
  • Optional: 3/4” cube
  • Quick change blade set (included option)
  • No tools required for easy cleaning, simple open access
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Increased production
  • Vibratory sizing discharge


Standard Facility Services Requirement

  • Electrical: 480VAC @ 30amps (3ph or single phase)
  • Compressed factory air. 5cfm @ 90psi
  • Optional voltages are available at the time of order


  • 8-12 product halves per minute, typical
  • Manually operated unit available.  Ask for the MC-100

Watermelon  |  Honeydew  |  Cantaloupe  |  Pineapple

2244 Veggie Spiralizer

Heinzen’s multi-configuration vegetable Spiralizer can easily switch between noodle cut sizes and product ranges without tools. Single and multiple processor assemblies, configured to maximize throughput.


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tool-less interchangeable processor assemblies can be exchanged in minutes
  • Multiple cut sizes, available to order
  • Locking swivel casters for ease of movement
  • Integrated cross cut for sizing noodle length range
  • Separate outlet for remainder / cull
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Product Diameter Options:
  • Single 8” max diameter
  • Triple 2.25” max diameter


  • Standard Facility Services Requirement
  • Electrical: 240 or 480VAC 3ph or single phase
  • Compressed factory air-5cfm @ 90psi

Product Applications
Carrots  |  Beets  |  Zucchini  |  Potatoes  |  Butternut Squash  |  Turnips  |  Kohlrabi

Capacity based on product. Ask your Heinzen Sales Representative for more information.