2245 2-tier shaker — air gap system

Put Heinzen’s Dual Rotary XB-Drive Shaker to work for you! Ease of product density separation for high quality and extended shelf-life!


  • Innovative Channelized® Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable blower system integrated with ease of sanitation
  • Adjustable air knife, tool-less disassembly for daily cleaning of food contact surfaces
  • Durable “XB-DRIVE” natural frequency exited-base design for smooth operation & longevity
  • Easily accessible diffuser for cleaning
  • Sanitary removable screens
  • Stainless steel “XB-DRIVE” motors & blower motor
  • Typical product would be celery sticks with leaves or any combination of light & heavy product/cull


  • “XB-Drive” natural frequency drive with composite spring shaker arms
  • Optional RMV cull belt at discharge
  • Machine capacity approx. 6000 lbs. /hr. based on celery sticks
  • Machine size 36” x 60” with 6 WL rigidized conveying surface
  • Removable 6 WL solid insert screens can be swapped for perf etc. in the future

Product Applications

Celery | Broccoli | Herbs | Cauliflower