2720 Manual Pack Table

Heinzen’s revolutionary, sanitary designed, hybrid construction, portable hand-packing station. Designed to utilize pre-formed bags for short order production or high volume food service packaging.


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • Seamless, one piece, molded HDPE sloped product storage hopper with large interior radii for ease of sanitation.
  • Tool-less interchangeable transfer funnels for filling different bag sizes. 5” funnel included, other standard and custom sizes are available.
  • Clean, ergonomic, rapid bag filling
  • Locking swivel casters for ease of movement
  • Adjustable load cell shelves


  • 2-Hole Pack Table; ID ~4.5' Wide x 6’ Long
  • 20 Degree Incline Hopper
  • Funnel Sizes Available: 4”, 5”, 6-1/2” & 7”
  • Scale: Stainless Steel Wash-down, 30lbs with Remote Display
  • System Integration with Bag Sealers, Open Bag Conveyors and Metal Detection Available

Product Applications

Lettuce  |  Spring Mix  |  Broccoli  |  Cauliflower  |  Chopped & Sliced Onions  |  Sliced Tomatoes


Heinzen’s Sanitary Design Portable Rotary (Lazy Susan) Pack Table. Designed for manual case packing.


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • 10ga Spun Top
  • Sanitary 2-B Polished Finish
  • Direct Drive Stainless Right Angle Gear Motor
  • Self Aligning UHMW Table Top Support Wheels
  • Manual Starter
  • Locking Casters for Ease of Movement


  • 48” DIA or 60” DIA Spun Top with 1” Lip Up or Down
  • 1/2hp Motor, 460/220V, 3ph or 220/140V single phase
  • 6 RPM
  • Standard Height: 36”, Specify Custom Height
  • Adjustable Height Sanitary Casters

Product Applications

  • Finished Bagged Produce