Centrifuge Drying

2521 Automatic Balancing Batch Spin Dryer—Sd50lt

Introducing the newest, most advanced PATENTED mini dryer available!


  • Automatic Product Balancing Start-Up Sequence; Eliminates damage caused by unbalanced loads.
  • Ultra-Light 32 gallon plastic basket system.
  • Pairs with the Cyclone basket which is made with metal detectable and FDA approved material. One is included with your SD50LT order.
  • Easy-open lid with full view window and OSHA compliant safety sensor.
  • Canted basket carrier allows for easy loading and un-loading. Lowest basket lift height.
  • Self-contained controls with programmable speed, time, and dynamic braking.
  • Easy-access drive components with “Extreme Duty” bearing and upgraded 3B Polyband belt drive.
  • Fully contained discharge water recovery port for low slope floors.
  • Available with a Safety Lid Lock Upgrade
  • An optional Rear Access Door is available for en-hanced sanitation access.


  • Spin Dry Time: 1 minute
  • Basket Capacity: 32 gallons
  • Load Weight: 50lbs.
  • Cycles/Hour: 20
  • Capacity/Hour: 1,000lbs.
  • Drive: 1.5 HP Electric Motor (480V or 280V)

Lettuce  |  Celery  |  Broccoli  |  Peppers  |  Spring Mix  |  Onions  |  Spinach

2525 Sd300esm Spin Dryer

The Industry Standard in Centrifugal Batch Dryers! The SD300ESM is the benchmark by which all others are compared!


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • Electric Driver (adjustable speed/time)
  • Sanitary Lid; Bearings and Stiffeners located outside of the product zone.
  • Drainable bottom skin of tank for ease of cleaning.
  • 40 Second Acceleration Time, 0-800 Adjustable.
  • 20 Second Dynamic Braking (adjustable speed)
  • Operator Pushbutton Controls included, Remote Panel separate
  • Pneumatic Opening and Closing Lid
  • Lid Safety Interlock
  • Anti-Sling Product Guard
  • Positive Alignment of Bearings for Increased Life
  • Patented 14.76 cubic-foot Bottom Dump Basket with Stainless Steel Doors
  • No Special Footings Required (depending on floor type and thickness)
  • Freestanding
  • U.S. Patent No. 5 212 389


  • Electric Drive Motor, 10hp, 1760 rpm
  • V-Belt Drive
  • Splined Driven Shaft
  • Newly Designed Mount Isolators
  • Cycles/Hour: 14.29
  • Dried Product Weight Capacity: 265lbs.
  • Capacity/Hour: 3,710lbs.
  • Cycles/Hour: 14.76 (ft³)
  • Basket Weight 190lbs.
  • Cycle times will vary by product and region. Chopped Lettuce used to calculate cycle times.

Lettuce  |  Cabbage  |  Romaine  |  Onions  |  Spring Mix  |  Carrots  |  Spinach  |  Broccoli

3600 Sd300os Open Sanitary Spin Dryer

Introducing the newest, most advanced, sanitary dryer available on the market today!


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • Direct drive lower bearing assembly, with modular construction for easy Preventive Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Urethane lined spun top lid and open-style lid frame
  • HDPE roto-molded safety covers with safety interlocks swing out to allow access to dryer interior
  • Side mounted operator push button station included
  • Trough system allows for water reclamation
  • Sloped top hygienic enclosures for pneumatic system and operator station


  • 10HP, 875RPM; SS Electric motor
  • Stainless Steel Lower Bearing Assembly
  • Cycles per hour: 14.29
  • Dried product weight capacity: 265lbs.
  • Capacity: 3710lbs./hr.
  • Basket Volume: 14.76ft³
  • Basket Weight: 190lbs.

Lettuce  |  Romaine  |  Broccoli  |  Carrots  |  Spring Mix  |  Onions  |  Spinach  |  Cabbage

2532 Ab200 Spin Dryer

Introducing the AB200 Centrifugal Spin Dryer, setting the Gold Standard in Auto Batch Drying.


The AB200 is a fully automatic batch system designed for high volume processing. Designed with an emphasis on simple, robust, sanitary construction, the AB200 can process over 9,000 lbs/hr (Spring Mix or Baby Spinach) or 20,000 lbs/hr (Iceberg Lettuce) depending on cycle time and infeed support equipment.

Product transferred into the AB200 is cushioned by a lay-er of clean laminar airflow, and discharged after drying with the assistance of high volume, low pressure clean air.

A hollow perforated stainless steel drum is designed to provide clean, unobstructed loading and unloading with-out spokes or axles in the product zone.

Triple-sealed oil bath tapered roller bearings provide long life and dependability. The double redundancy offered by a dual motor drive serves as a contingency against downtime. Each drive can operate alone for continued production in the unlikely event of a motor malfunction. A ribbed V-belt drive simplifies and reduces mainte-nance.

All dryer and process line control parameters can be ac-cessed through simple touch screen interface that can store presets for various products.

Options / Specifications

  • Air-assisted product transfer & discharge
  • Dual motor drive for redundant operation
  • Sanitary design features clean air transfer
  • Touch screen interface provides preset programs based on specific product.
  • Large Capacity Drum: 44” Dia x 72”L (63.5 cu ft)

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