2280 Rotary Celery Cutter

Heinzen’s Rotary Celery Cutter is a Reliable, Efficient and Profitable Addition to your Process Facility.


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully Programmable, Easy to Use Integral Keypad
  • Rotating Product Shelf, Handles Left Side Load, Right Side Load, or Dual Stalk Load
  • Variable Cut Lengths Achieved by Changing Cutter Heads
  • Celery Stalk Butts Separate into Cull Chute
  • Hinged Knife Cover provides access ports for Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Seamless Integration with Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors
  • Optional Automated Loading


  • Pounds per Hr: 2,000-3,000
  • Length: 57 7/8”
  • Width: 48 9/16”
  • Height: 79 13/16” (+/-4” adj. legs)
  • Electrical: Standard, 480VAC @ 30amps
  • Optional, 240VAC @ 30amps | 380VAC @ 30amps

2280 Romaine Segment Cutter

Heinzen’s Romaine Segment Cutter is a Reliable, Efficient and Profitable Addition to Your Processing Facility.


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • 7,200 lbs./hr.
  • 17 Blades = 24” Cutting Width, 1 ½” wide cuts. Other cut widths available.
  • Removable stripper and product guide assembly.
  • Each space between the blades can be set to direct acceptable or defective product.
  • Solenoid controlled spray nozzles lubricate blades.
  • Hold-down conveyor for even, consistent cuts


  • Cull conveyor can run to the front or rear of the machine.
  • Custom blade mandrel assembles with different cuts widths and number of blades.


  • Whole Head Romaine

2290 Heinzen Hydroblade

Introducing the most efficient waterjet cutter available for processing fruit, vegetables, and frozen foods. Partnered with KMT, Heinzen sets the gold standard in waterjet technology!


  • Innovative Channelized™ Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Pressure Waterjet-Based Cutter
  • Diamond or Sapphire Tip Available
  • Product Rides on a Stainless Steel Open Mesh Conveyor Belt
  • Cutting Action Removes Cells in the Cut Area, Reducing Brushing and Extending Shelf Life
  • Custom Designs available for Segmenting, Butt, and Tip Cutting
  • Mist Reduction System Available
  • Caster Mounted for Portability
  • Multi-Head Models Available: 1 to 8 Heads


  • Motor Conveyor: 1HP, 460V
  • Orifice Diameter: 0.0010” - 0.0007”
  • Belt Speed: 30-50 FPM
  • Factory Air: 1 CFM @ 85 PSI
  • Systems Water: 4-2 GPM @ 35 PSI
  • Requires Water Intensifier with 15-120hp Rating = 15hp per Cutting Head
  • Requires Rigid High Pressure Plumbing Rated at 50,000PSI
  • Requires Motor Control Center for Safety Sensors, VFD, Interfaced with Intensifier Control
  • Required Drain for Cooling Water for Hydraulics

Product Applications
Celery | Romaine | Frozen Foods