Sales Team

THE HEINZEN SALES TEAM is composed of an extremely diverse and devoted group of people. It is this particular department who is responsible for ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service at optimal speeds. Whether it is a quick replacement part that needs to be ordered or a complete revamp of an entire assembly line, our sales department is fully equipped to help begin the process.

A sales engineer is someone who sells complex, multifaceted technological equipment to prospective buyers. The sales engineer must have a wide-ranging understanding of the products’ parts and functions and must understand the scientific manners in which these products work. It is for this reason why, here at Heinzen, we don’t employ salesmen, we employ sales engineers. This creates an established personnel who speak your business language and know the latest industry standards. With as much as 100 years of combined engineering, design and manufacturing experience, our sales engineers are fully capable to help our customers troubleshoot through any existing production issues.

Of course, our sales department is not just composed of sales engineers. Our sales team is also equipped with highly knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives who make up our internal sales support.